Tuesday 2 August 2011

A Visual Dictionary of Edinburgh Fringe Comedy

Well, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival is upon us again. This year's Fringe Programme is fatter than ever. More than a third of it is taken up with comedy – 136 pages, with up to twelve shows advertised on each page. For the average Festival-goer, this is an intimidating amount of choice. To help you navigate your way through what's on offer, Tingtinglongtingtingfala is pleased to announce the forthcoming Visual Dictionary of Edinburgh Fringe Comedy, grouping the thumbnail pictures that illustrate every show in the programme under easy-reference headings. Once I began finding categories by which to classify these pictures, it became hard to stop. Please bear in mind that is is a work-in-progress, which may not be complete until long after the Festival has finished. Here is an initial, highly limited selection, just to whet your appetites:



"Badly Drawn"


"From Above"

"Gazing Over There"

"Implied Nudity"

 "One of Us is More Important"

"Open-Mouthed Shock/Surprise/Disgust"

"Wearing a Funny Hat"

"Künt and the Gang – Free!"

I hope you find this useful.