Tuesday 12 November 2013

Lorem Ipsum

Normally, when I make books, I get the text, edit it, then lay it out on the page, finding images and fitting them around the text appropriately. Other times, I am required to design the pages first and fit the text in afterwards. I much prefer the former way of working, as I believe the text should come first. The visual elements should be secondary and complementary. One thing that makes me feel old – with increasing frequency these days – is my staunch inability to ditch my outdated bias towards content over style.

When it is necessary to do the design work first, InDesign lets you flow "dummy" text into the pages, so that you can see how the typography will look before you get the real text.

In publishing terminology, this dummy text is known as "Lorem ipsum" text. It consists of tiny fragments of a treatise by the 1st-century Roman philosopher/polititian Cicero, entitled De finibus bonorum et malorum ("On the Limits of Good and Evil"). These phrases are then swapped, scrambled, expanded and randomized to produce a unique text of any length.

It's fascinating to read. As literature, it reminds me of Finnegans Wake translated into Latin. Undergoing endless permutations, it never repeats, yet it retains the grandly oratorical and ironic style of Cicero's original. It is, therefore, an eternal treatise, an everlasting monologue on good and evil. Due to its aleatory mode of composition, no two versions are identical, so any "Lorem ipsum" you create is individual to you. It is surely to be declaimed, chanted, out loud, like a poem, a meditative incantation, slowly with feeling. Try it. Remember to breathe.

The irony is that each individual's personal meditation upon the limits of good and evil is itself limitless. An eternity is required to grasp such divine forms. Like William Wordsworth, all we can achieve within a human timescale is a Prelude to the Immortal Poem of Eternal Revelation. These texts, therefore, are about the process of search, not the product of revelation. They represent the ultimate comic tragedy: the triumph of style over content.

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